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PREVENTION Advise on How to Help Keep Your Yard MOSQUITO FREE Between Treatments!

  1. Check potted plants for any excess water building up in the pans underneath. Be careful not to overwater as those are prime breeding sites. Dump any extra water.
  2. Call your drainage department if you have any obstructions to water flow. Among the big producers are drainage ditches with emergent vegetation.
  3. Be aware of any water collecting in grassy areas like tire tracks and swales as these spots can breed mosquitoes. Keep grass mowed and fill-in these spots in order to avoid insects.
  4. Clean out your roof gutters every so often, as this source of breeding is often missed.
  5. Dump and re-fill pets water dishes every few days to avoid the pesky insects.
  6. Items sitting in your yard such as trash or car parts are a main breeding area. To avoid, cover them or throw them away.
  7. Dump excess water and re-fill animal troughs to get rid of any mosquito larvae.
  8. Toremove pests in this area, stack old tires and cover so that mosquitoes dont begin to breed.
  9. After it rains, cover places that collect the fresh water to avoid mosquitoes from laying their eggs.
  10. Kiddie pools that arent wellmaintained are huge areas for mosquitoes to breed. Empty weekly and re-fill as needed.
  11. Plants that hold a lot of water need to be checked once a week to remove larvae that are typically difficult to see.
  12. Watch out for water-filled tree holes, branches and trunks of the trees which are favorite breeding sites. Fill with sand or concrete to avoid pest infestation.
  13. Seal openings under slabs with sand or concrete as they can hold water for long periods of time.
  14. Natural ponds on your property will inhabit mosquitoes. Remove vegetation around the area, or stock the pond with minnows.
  15. Boats not currently in use can hold a lot of extra water causing the area to breed more mosquitoes. Cover and the next time you’re on the lake bail out all extra water very carefully.
  16. Any small containers on your property such as bird baths, grills, ash trays that hold water can produce insects. Cover or overturn these to flush out any excess water.